Full-stack Development

Back-end server development on Node.js using Feathers.js and Express.js.
Front-end web application development using Vue.js and Semantic-UI.
Extensible socket.io and REST API interfaces via feathers-client.
Over 30 years designing and developing reliable, scalable, performant software.

With over 30 years of experience designing and
implementing robust, dependable servers and clients,
we know how to deliver solid reliable applications.
It is now time to bring that experience to web applications,
mobile applications, and back-end Internet services.

Reliable Back-ends
Appurist Software develops back-end services on the proven platform of Node.js and Express.js, using the extremely flexible and reliable Feathers.js framework, which provides both traditional REST and highly-performant Socket.io real-time communications.
Web Applications
Smooth, fast, reliable web applications that "just work". Appurist has been there, and knows how to keep things lean, fast, and simple, while providing the features and functionality you really need in a web app. Appurist achieves responsive agile development, in part using the Feathers.js client to communicate with the back-end, and the Vue.js framework for performant web components.
Mobile Applications
Developing applications that run from the cloud, on any device. Appurist applications are super fast and always available.
Custom Development and APIs
Appurist provides standard and custom REST interfaces and Socket.io connections, to allow integration with other software that includes mobile apps, as well as clients implemented by other developers, and to integrate within existing infrastructure and implementations quickly.

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Appurist already has two significant projects on-the-go,
so we aren't looking for new projects at this time.
However, we're always happy to hear from you.